Hey there (360 fighter)

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Hey there (360 fighter)

Post  Gillly on Wed May 26, 2010 2:18 pm

Hey guys i'm here to introduce myself and let you guys know I want to join CTT

My brother and I both share the same XBOX Live account (Gillly ... thats with 3 L's btw), and we managed to attain a level of 75 in UFC '09 by both using the account. We are both very good, and we practice with one another at home refining our skills so that we can make our account the best. Currently, we are level 34 in UFC '10.

The good news is, since we both share the account, our account is much more active since 2 ppl play more than one. I would say that we are about even in skill.

Please hit us up! Add us: XBOX 360 = Gillly

Let us know if you want to do a tryout, exhibition or just a good ol scrap Wink

Btw we are from TORONTO CANADA


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