My UFC Undisputed 2010 review

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My UFC Undisputed 2010 review

Post  irishjj88 on Wed May 26, 2010 3:29 pm

Very disappointed at this game..I am a huge UFC fan I watch all the UFC events,and liked Undisputed 2009 even though that game had alot of flaws like laggy online,No aging in Career,and a bunch of glitches.Well this game let me start with the gameplay.The gameplay is awesome,a total different game from 2009 but I still dont like the rotating the right joystick for submissions,2 of my controllers have had the rubber come off on the right joy stick just from 2009,and now this game one of my controllers is getting messed up too.I can live with it for now but hopefully they eventually switch the controls,EA sports MMA looks interesting.Now the biggest problems I have with 2010 is the Career mode..I havent tried online yet but hear its very laggy,my friend said he couldnt even throw a punch,that it was in slow motion..

But onto Career mode The DLC fighters, and the legends are not in your career mode.Now i can see if they dont want to include legends because there not in ufc but either way it should be like Fight Night Round 4 where you get to choose what fighters you want to be in it.Why they have guys like Heath Herring who is basically retired,Werdum whos in Strike Force,And Arvlovski again Strike Force in the Career but you cant have a contender in the UFC like Roy Nelson is beyond me.Also another huge problem for me is i know you get to check the results of whos fighting who, but also like Fight Night you should be able to scroll through the months and check them when ever you want,your not allowed to do this so if you miss a UFC event and didnt check the results then the Champion could change and you wont know how he won the title.And if you have a important fight coming up i always find it good to check their past fights to see how they have been doing but again you cant do this.I have been checking the schedule once in a while so i dont miss anything and i have to say the simming is also ******ed..for example so far i am 7 months in the career and Jackson has fought Rashad 3 times, knocking him out once and submitting him twice...its just so unrealistic I cant take it.Losing your points that you trained hard to earn after a few months will also be a problem for alot of ppl but I can deal with that part.But so far the gameplay is pretty good,but the career mode not so much..Tell me what you guys think.


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